Empty Mind?

I’ve been searching for some inspiration for tonight’s post.  There are MANY writing challenges out there.  I just didn’t strike a chord with any of the topics suggested tonight.  I think I just need to let my fingers go and see what comes out. Today was a good day at work for me.  We had […]

I love the bedtime routine with Laura.  I get her tucked into bed.  Then together we do the Lord’s Prayer.  Following that is blessings.  I just let her take the lead there.  It always starts out, “Mommy, and Daddy, Warren, and me.  Grandma, Papa, Grandma Joni, Grandma Kathy, Grandpa John.”  From there, different people get […]



What “home” means

Home has a different meaning to many people.  To some it is their house.  To some it is where their family is.  “Home is where the heart is” is a common saying.  To me, it is all the above.  Robert and I lived in a house together before we were married, and for a year […]



Mood Unknown

I really don’t know how to describe my current mood.  I’m not exactly happy, not sad either.  Just kinda of blah, but yet not.  I’m a little tired, little frustrated, hungry, starting to get down on myself, and overall worn out.  It really is hard to explain.  My day overall was pretty good.  I stayed […]



Home Sweet Home

I am back home once again.  Robert met us in Menomonie at Perkins for lunch.  We did a little bit of shopping at Fleet Farm afterwards.  Warren needed the time to run around too.  Both kids fell asleep on the way home from Menomonie.  We got groceries tonight, and now the kids are in bed.  […]



Another Missed

I missed posting yet again.  Oh well.  Yesterday was a nonstop day.  Warren didn’t even take his morning nap.  He ended up only napping for 2 hours in the afternoon.  He went hard until 8pm.  I don’t know how the little boy can do it.  Laura also had a big day.  She did nap for […]



Favorite TV Shows

I have a few shows that I can list as favorites.  Here they are in no particular order: Body of Proof Amazing Race Biggest Loser NCIS How I Met Your Mother Leverage I love each of these shows for various reasons.  The Biggest Loser is what motivates me with my weight loss.  Amazing Race is […]



Missed a Day

I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post for my 30 day challenge.  I left at 9am for DeForest.  We got here around 1:00.  I was hoping that we could have made it all the way without stopping, but that didn’t happen.  We still made good time though.  John was here […]



Quick Post

I wanted to continue my 30 day challenge.  I don’t have much to post today.  Work went well.  We had lots of people returning books late.  I have continued to work on mapping books in for the fall semester.  Hopefully I should be close to finishing that by Friday of next week.  Tomorrow I head […]



Where did my weekend go?

I’m quickly running out of day, and I realized that I haven’t posted for today yet.  We went to the 8am church service this morning.  Sunday school was Recitation Sunday, where the kids recite their memory work.  Laura did a great job, of course.  :)  Once home, we did lunch.  Robert got the lawn mower […]