I’m not sure where to even start anymore.  I feel like I’m not living life, more like I’m going through the motions.  I’m trying to make a huge effort to engage with the kids and have open conversations.  I am my harshest critic and I feel like I’m failing.  Yet I look back at this […]




It is my goal to revive my blog.  I want to use it as an outlet and to track the kids.  I can’t believe that Warren will be 5 in just 1.5 months.  Laura just turned 7.  I went back and read what I wrote when they were little, and I miss having that documented.  […]



Great Day

Today has been a great day.  I was able to wake up this morning on my own, meaning no alarm clock.  When I came upstairs, the kids were both up and happy.  I got them each what they wanted for breakfast.  Warren made my coffee for me.  We sat together and watched cartoons for a […]



Taught by Children

It is amazing what children can teach us.  No matter how bad of a day I have, the kids are so excited to see me the next morning.  Heck, even after nap time they are excited to see me again.  Sleep to them seems to be a reset button.  Whatever went wrong before is erased, […]



Slowly Going Crazy

I feel like my sanity is creeping closer and closer to the edge.  Pretty soon it is just going to take a flying leap and leave me here wondering how I will keep going. It turns out that Laura did indeed have pertussis.  5 days of antibiotics and quarantine were all that were needed.  We […]



Full Weekend

We’ve had a full weekend.  Laura’s been fighting a low grade fever for a couple of days.  There have been 5 confirmed cases of strep at daycare.  Saturday morning she woke up with a sore throat.  I didn’t want to mess around and wait so I took her in to the doctor.  Her 9:30 appointment […]



The Little Things

I find myself already saying “Remember when things were easy like….”.  Laura is only 4 1/2!  I shouldn’t be saying that already!  I know that I’ll say it even more as she gets older.  As a result, I want to chronicle the simple things today that brought so much joy.  The day started great.  Laura […]



Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I can’t believe that the last post I made was in November.  I know that it had been a while, but I didn’t think it had been that long!  Thanksgiving was enjoyable.  Christmas was nice too.  New Year’s was spent at Mom and Dad’s again for the family Christmas.  We made the trek to Iowa […]




Halloween went pretty well this year.  Laura was Aurora again this year, same dress and all.  She wanted to wear the matching high heels, but I wouldn’t let her.  Too much walking at school and trick-or-treating.  Warren was going to be a monkey again this year (same costume as last year).  He was fine with […]




Our life is going through a few changes right now.  Robert and I have started the Financial Peace University program at church.  I am excited to try it.  I don’t like our finances being how they are.  If we are both committed to the program, it can work.  It is NOT going to be fun […]