Halloween went pretty well this year.  Laura was Aurora again this year, same dress and all.  She wanted to wear the matching high heels, but I wouldn’t let her.  Too much walking at school and trick-or-treating.  Warren was going to be a monkey again this year (same costume as last year).  He was fine with […]



Christmas Part 2 & 3

The Rust and Neppl Christmases were very enjoyable this year.  We celebrated the Rust Christmas on the 26th.  It was nice that we could get up there in the morning and not feel rushed.  We could all just enjoy and be.  Laura and Warren each got some nice things.  I got several gift cards to […]



Carb Overload

I overloaded on carbs today.  I don’t feel great because of it either.  I had cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls and chicken noodle soup (which included rice).  All of that adds up to a major carb binge for me.  It is making me realize just how much better I feel on the Atkins diet.  I […]



Merry Christmas

Santa was good to us this year.  The kids got a large Jump-o-Lene.  It’s here.  Both kids have been loving it.  If we try to put it up out of the way a little bit, Warren insists on pulling it back down.  It is large, it will probably get in the way at times, but […]