Rock the Box Office

This week is going great so far.  The kids have been great in the box office.  Monday and Tuesday Laura took a nap as soon as we got home.  She also didn’t sleep very long, so she was in bed around her normal time.  What’s even better is that she is sleeping past 7am!  Tonight […]




One of the big things emphasized while I was going to school for my education degree was reflection.  I have found myself doing that a lot with my parenting.  I keep coming up with things that I would like to try differently with Laura, or do differently with Warren, or things that I feel I […]



Quick Recipe

I don’t have much time to do a full update about how today went in the box office. I wanted to post a link to a super easy fettuccine alfredo recipe. I seriously just cooked this in about 15 minutes. It is so much better than anything I have created. So here is the link, […]



Updates and Milestone

First the milestone.  Warren has his first tooth!  It finally broke through on Tuesday, March 2.  I think there is a second one close behind the way he is still chomping on his Nuk and drooling. I feel like I’ve crested the top of a roller coaster and am now screaming at top speed down […]



Not sure

I feel like I should post, but I am not sure what to write about at this point.  I am getting so tired and frustrated with things but at the same time things are going well.  Warren still isn’t sleeping through the night.  He is starting to consistently get up at 12:30 or so to […]