Church Life

Our church is beginning talks of leaving the ELCA to join the LCMC.  I am really torn on this. I consider myself quite liberal.  I have no problem with homosexuals.  I have no problem if one is called to be a pastor.  I firmly believe that being a homosexual is genetic, like your eye color.  […]



Deep Thoughts with Liz

I started this blog as a way to get thoughts out.  It is becoming more of a journal of what everyday life is like.  I want to try and get more thoughts out.  I look back at some of my really old entries and I am amused by some of my thinking.  It goes to […]



Slow Learner

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson at Christmas.  I went to a margarita party last night.  While drinking and playing Apples to Apples, I ate.  I ate, and I ate, and I ate.  My munchies included peanut butter M&M cookies, honey roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds, and a pumpkin dip.  Of course most of these […]



It makes bubbles!

Tonight Laura was standing in front of me.  All of a sudden I heard her toot.  I did my usual “Laura!” exclamation.  She looked at me and says, “It makes bubbles!”  I should add in here that the other night while she was in the bathtub she had tooted.  I asked her if she saw […]



Trying so hard

I am trying so hard to not lose my patience with Warren.  He will eat veggies and fruit at Helen’s house with no problem.  He has learned with her to just eat them and then he gets what he likes (milk and meat).  I am trying to do the same with him here at home.  […]



2 Short Funnies

Funny the first: We got home from work/daycare.  Laura curls up and is under a laundry basket (had been over turned so it was like a turtle shell).  She fits under it totally.  Warren sees this as a great climbing opportunity.  He proceeds to climb up and down and all around the basket for the […]



Laura Funny

After church today, I asked Laura what story she learned. Laura:  “God.” Me:  “Well, which one?” Laura:  “Jesus.” Good to know she’s learning!



My Little Instigator

Warren is definitely the instigator between he and Laura.  Yesterday Helen told me she was just laughing at them.  For example, Laura was playing with the Barbies nicely on her own.  He had lined them all up just so.  Warren walked by and just dragged his foot through the line up.  Of course Laura gave […]



Christmas Part 2 & 3

The Rust and Neppl Christmases were very enjoyable this year.  We celebrated the Rust Christmas on the 26th.  It was nice that we could get up there in the morning and not feel rushed.  We could all just enjoy and be.  Laura and Warren each got some nice things.  I got several gift cards to […]



Sick Girl, again

Laura is sick again.  She started with a fever Saturday evening.  Thankfully it was after we finished opening gifts.  She started running a low-grade fever of around 100.  She also said her neck hurt, which meant she had a sore throat.  Sunday morning she woke up and was still sick with a low-grade fever.  We […]