A blessing and a curse

I love spending time at Mom and Dad’s. I love that Laura and Warren will have a great relationship with them. I love that it gets me out of the area for a few days so I don’t go stir crazy. However, I don’t love the adjustment when we get back. It is nice when […]



Weekend Recap

We had a pretty good weekend around here.  On Saturday Robert made waffles for breakfast.  After breakfast was cleaned up I went shopping, without kids or a husband!  I saw that Kohls was having a sale on just about everything.  I got about half of her Christmas shopping done.  I also picked up a few […]



Waving the White Flag

Today is a day I just want to give up.  Robert is working from home.  I needed to run some errands in Woodbury.  I took Laura with me.  I really wish I would have left her at home.  She was looking at all the toys at Once Upon a Child.  She then proceeded to throw […]




I have been considering for a while now how to handle discipline with Laura.  Most of the time when she is misbehaving/throwing fits it is because she is tried or wanting attention (jealousy).  I understand where she is coming from.  I know that when she isn’t tired that she wouldn’t do these things.  It is […]