I’m not sure where to even start anymore.  I feel like I’m not living life, more like I’m going through the motions.  I’m trying to make a huge effort to engage with the kids and have open conversations.  I am my harshest critic and I feel like I’m failing.  Yet I look back at this […]



Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night

I have a high school classmate that has a 2 year old son.  He has an undiagnosed condition that lands him in the hospital quite frequently.  I follow what she posts as a way to lend support from afar.  I can’t imagine all that she is going through, physically and mentally.  She also has two […]



Rough Night

Tonight was not one of my better nights with the kids.  I feel like all I did was yell at them.  Thankfully tomorrow is a new day, their memories are short, and they are some of the most forgiving people I have in my  life.




Our life is going through a few changes right now.  Robert and I have started the Financial Peace University program at church.  I am excited to try it.  I don’t like our finances being how they are.  If we are both committed to the program, it can work.  It is NOT going to be fun […]



What was I thinking??

There are times that I look at my kids and ask myself, “What was I thinking?  Why did I have them so close together?  Why didn’t I let Laura be the only child for a while longer?”  Then I have days like today and I don’t question at all.  I know it is right.  I […]



Tough Conversations

Tonight was the start of the tough conversations with Laura.  Robert and I have decided that Laura will learn the word vulva for her girl parts.  This is the term for the entire area.  Well, apparently she has been paying attention to us.  While driving around this morning she proudly announced to me that she […]



It makes bubbles!

Tonight Laura was standing in front of me.  All of a sudden I heard her toot.  I did my usual “Laura!” exclamation.  She looked at me and says, “It makes bubbles!”  I should add in here that the other night while she was in the bathtub she had tooted.  I asked her if she saw […]



Trying so hard

I am trying so hard to not lose my patience with Warren.  He will eat veggies and fruit at Helen’s house with no problem.  He has learned with her to just eat them and then he gets what he likes (milk and meat).  I am trying to do the same with him here at home.  […]



Christmas time is here

It is hard to believe that in 4 days we will be celebrating Christmas.  I feel like time got away from me again this year.  I am not sure why either.  I don’t have a young baby to be dealing with.  I think working has thrown me off a bit.  Not that I mind getting […]



Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a bit trying for me. It all started Friday morning really. It was my last morning coffee with the girls from church. Warren still wasn’t feeling 100% so he stayed close by. I was home by 10 since we had a repair man coming for the dryer. It was making a […]