School Starting

I am struggling more than I thought I would with my baby girl starting kindergarten this year.  4K was no big deal to me, but this year seems bigger somehow.  Perhaps it is because it is a full day now.  She’ll be with all the other big kids.  She’ll truly be starting her school career.  […]



First Haircut

Warren got his first haircut yesterday.  It only took over 2 years for him to have enough hair for us to do this.  He really wasn’t sure about sitting in the chair.  We started out with a booster seat. This was short lived.  He moved onto Daddy’s lap. Even on Daddy’s lap, the haircut was […]



Empty Minded

I struggled to even come up with a title for this post.  Work is work.  Things didn’t go quite how I would have liked this week.  Other things were successful though.  Overall I’d call it a good week.  Wednesday night Shirley and I went out to dinner with Jacky.  We got to the restaurant around […]



On turning 2

I’ve had a hard time with Warren turning 2.  I never had issues with Laura turning 2.  I was fine with him turning 1.  For some reason, 2 is hard.  I think it’s because he is no longer my baby.  He is my baby, and now I no longer have a baby.  I was afraid […]



The Party’s Over

If Laura had her way, she’d still be celebrating her birthday.  She had a blast, minus the minor fall.  The poor girl has my grace.  For birthdays 1, 2, and 4, she has fallen and gotten serious bumps.  Her first birthday she fell off the bed onto the concrete floor in the basement.  Her second […]



Birthday Party!

We are having Laura’s 4th birthday party today.  It’ll be a good size crowd, but there aren’t many other kids coming.  Caitlin and Ryan will come with Owen.  Joe will bring Johanna.  I debated inviting one of her friends from daycare, but I decided that we’ll hold off for one more year.  She hasn’t been […]



Progress made…

Progress has been made. Progress #1 I have made the commitment to join a gym.  I am now a member at The Centre in New Richmond.  So far I have gone 4 times since joining less than one week ago.  I am enjoying trying out different classes and different equipment. Progress #2 As a result […]



Tough Conversations

Tonight was the start of the tough conversations with Laura.  Robert and I have decided that Laura will learn the word vulva for her girl parts.  This is the term for the entire area.  Well, apparently she has been paying attention to us.  While driving around this morning she proudly announced to me that she […]



Christmas Shopping and Weight Loss

Once again it has been a while since I’ve posted. It seems like life just doesn’t slow down. By the time the kids are in bed and I have time to post, I am just too tired. Warren woke up at 5:30 this morning. I got up with him and let Robert sleep. He is […]



Rough Day

It was a bit of a rough day today.  Warren had his 15 month appointment this morning.  His stats are:  25 pounds, 30.75″ long, 47.8 cm head circumference.  On top of his regular vaccine, we all did the flu shot today.  Thankfully Robert was with to help out.  Laura got over it pretty quick this […]