Workin’ Woman

‘Tis true.  I am a working woman.  I am now the manager of Textbook Services.  Jacky took a position at UW-Stout.  I had the option of trying to train in a new manager, or moving up and becoming manager.  Thankfully my boss had no issues with moving me up.  I worked frantically yesterday with Jacky […]



On turning 2

I’ve had a hard time with Warren turning 2.  I never had issues with Laura turning 2.  I was fine with him turning 1.  For some reason, 2 is hard.  I think it’s because he is no longer my baby.  He is my baby, and now I no longer have a baby.  I was afraid […]



Warren’s Stats

I wanted to post Warren’s stats from his 2 year doctor visit: Height:  32.5″  11% Weight:  28.2″  50.5% Head circumference:  49cm  81% More posts to come!



What was I thinking??

There are times that I look at my kids and ask myself, “What was I thinking?  Why did I have them so close together?  Why didn’t I let Laura be the only child for a while longer?”  Then I have days like today and I don’t question at all.  I know it is right.  I […]



From the mouths of babes

A while back, I told Laura that I did not wear shoes when I got married.  Instead, I just went barefoot.  Tonight in the car on the way to Hudson, she brought this up again.  She then elaborated on it.  “Mommy, you need to get white shoes to match your dress.  Then you need to […]



New Places

I took the kids to the library this morning.  It was the first time I had taken Warren.  Laura hadn’t been there in a long time.  The last time I took her she threw a fit because she couldn’t stay and play with the toys.  This time went much better.  We made it for LEGO […]