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Picture Post

Laura was being goofy this morning.  I gave her one of the many rainbow Apple stickers we have.  I can’t remember if it was her idea or Robert’s to put the sticker on her belly button, but it got there somehow.  I think Mr. Bear might be Mrs. Bear.  She has also been having her […]



Waving the White Flag

Today is a day I just want to give up.  Robert is working from home.  I needed to run some errands in Woodbury.  I took Laura with me.  I really wish I would have left her at home.  She was looking at all the toys at Once Upon a Child.  She then proceeded to throw […]




Here are some of the pictures I was talking about earlier. We start ’em young at our house to be a Packer Fan. It may seem crazy that he was dressed so warmly in the house, but when we got up this morning it was 65° in the house.  He really liked having the hood […]