Today at church we celebrated Pastor John’s birthday, 25 years being an ordained minister, and 20 years at Peace.  Our usual one hour church service went slightly over 90 minutes.  The love and appreciation we have for our pastor and his family was overwhelming at times.  I am thankful that I’ve never had a crisis […]



Great Weekend

I’d say that this was a great weekend.  I worked all day on Friday.  That night I went out with Pauline, Tashia, Tracey, Starr, and Barb (all from church) to celebrate Tashia getting her RN license.  Yippee!  We went to Las Margaritas in Woodbury.  Our dinner started out rocky with a long wait for a […]



Interesting Tidbit

Every night before bed, Laura says the Lord’s prayer and then does blessings for people.  Without fail, her blessings start with “Mommy, and Daddy, and Warren, and me.”  She will add in other people in her life as she thinks about them.  The past few nights she has started adding in Helen, Sammy, Sammy’s mom, […]



Church Life

Our church is beginning talks of leaving the ELCA to join the LCMC.  I am really torn on this. I consider myself quite liberal.  I have no problem with homosexuals.  I have no problem if one is called to be a pastor.  I firmly believe that being a homosexual is genetic, like your eye color.  […]



Good Friday

Today is a big day of the Easter weekend.  It is the day that Jesus was hung on the cross.  I was driving past a church this morning, and I saw a sign that really struck me.  “Our sins put Jesus on the cross.  His love kept him there.”  It reminds me that no matter […]



4 More Days

I have 4 more days of work, and then I am done for a while again.  I am starting to get regular headaches that are just awful.  I don’t know what is causing them, but they really need to go away.  I am trying to figure out what it says about me that I can […]