I get to go to the dentist again today! Hopefully they can help figure out why my gums are hurting so much. Sad, but I am really excited about this. I can finally live without pain. Gotta go to class though. Write more later.



My mouth hurts. It’s been like this ever since I had fillings done. I don’t think the pain is coming from inside the teeth, well except on one, but it feels like the gums are revolting. I was sleeping, but apparently I was putting too much pressure on my mouth. So now I am awake […]



I feel icky tonight. For some reason, my mouth has been bothering me again. I don’t know if the filling wasn’t done right or what, but it hurts! I took two ibuprofen earlier, so they have helped. Robert and I are watching Star Wars Episode IV on DVD (bought on Tuesday). Caitlin called, so the […]



I knew today wasn’t going to be a good day. I had to drop my car off this morning to get inspected since a big piece of steel decided to lay in the road way and my car couldn’t avoid it. Got to school on time, but then realized that I had forgotten my homework. […]



A little late, but…

Happy Birthday Sonja!




It’s all Sonja’s fault! She kept talking about her brownies. Now I have some in the oven. Ok, so maybe it’s not all her fault. Mother nature may have a slight role, but still…IT’S ALL HER FAULT! It’s been a while since I updated, but more on my life at a later post. 18 minutes […]