It’s been a while, so I thought I’d so a bit of an update. Things with the pregnancy are going ok. The contractions have stopped, but I am still limiting myself on what I can do. Now that the warm weather is here, my feet are swelling up a lot more. I need to watch […]



Pregnancy Woes Update

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday. No signs of actual pre-term labor, so that is good. I had my feet up last night and all this morning so far. Not a single contraction. So that is good too. I am so thankful that Laura plays so well on her own. For close to half […]



Pregnancy Woes

I hate feeling like this. Today has been horrible. I ended up crashing from 10-1 and then rested again 2-3. I haven’t done much all day. I’ve been trying to sit or lay most of the day. Tonight contractions started again. Drinking water hasn’t helped. I’m going to make an appointment to see my doctor […]