Still kickin’

I’m still kickin’.  Some days are better than others for me.  This past week has been a blur.  Thursday morning we stopped at the chiropractor to get both kids adjusted.  It seems to be making a difference for both of them.  After the adjustments we were on the road to Milwaukee with a stop in […]



Things Learned

Things I have learned today: Be careful of how long to cook hamburger soup in the crock pot.  It tasted a bit overdone tonight. Pioneer Woman’s buttered rosemary rolls are good… except I did salt and garlic instead of rosemary and salt. Even if I think the meal is a hit in my opinion, there […]



Family Dinners

Growing up dinner time (we called it supper) was a great time for our family. It was about us all coming together at the end of the day and sharing about our day. It was also a safe zone. We could openly discuss pretty much anything and feel safe about it. We were hardly disciplined […]



Life in Fast-Forward

Life seems to be moving in fast forward right now.  In the time span of just over a week, Warren learned to sleep through the night (sorta, but more on that later), eat solids, crawl, popped through tooth #5, stand totally on his own for a few seconds at a time, and drinks 6-8 oz […]



Soup Weather

Ok, so I lied in my last post.  I am cooking dinner for tonight.  It has been windy and cold so it is soup weather.  It will be warmer this week, so today is soup day.  I have hamburger soup going in the crock-pot.  I’ll add the frozen mixed veggies closer to tonight and we’ll […]



So long, farewell…

I am sad that the weekend is over.  They never seem to last long enough.  Yesterday I went to Meghan’s baby shower.  I took Warren with so I wouldn’t have to worry about pumping.  It’s just easier to take him with at this point.  It was a good time.  I enjoyed being around other young […]