Sick Boy

I am home from work today with a sick boy.  He was coughing a lot last night, and it didn’t sound real good so we made the decision to keep him home.  I’m also enjoying just one-on-one time with him.  I know he is feeling rough because he fell asleep in my arms this morning […]



First Haircut

Warren got his first haircut yesterday.  It only took over 2 years for him to have enough hair for us to do this.  He really wasn’t sure about sitting in the chair.  We started out with a booster seat. This was short lived.  He moved onto Daddy’s lap. Even on Daddy’s lap, the haircut was […]



Sickness, Be Gone!

Laura has done much better since last weekend and getting out of the hospital.  She has bounced back with no problems since.  I went out for Chinese for lunch on Wednesday.  I was home sick on Thursday.  I’m blaming the food since by 4 pm I was feeling 99% better.  Thursday night at the dinner […]



Empty Minded

I struggled to even come up with a title for this post.  Work is work.  Things didn’t go quite how I would have liked this week.  Other things were successful though.  Overall I’d call it a good week.  Wednesday night Shirley and I went out to dinner with Jacky.  We got to the restaurant around […]




I ended up putting my blog on a hiatus while I was getting through book issue.  I’m sure that it would have helped to be able to type out my frustrations at the end of the day; however, I was either too tired or too worried about what I may post and get in trouble […]



On turning 2

I’ve had a hard time with Warren turning 2.  I never had issues with Laura turning 2.  I was fine with him turning 1.  For some reason, 2 is hard.  I think it’s because he is no longer my baby.  He is my baby, and now I no longer have a baby.  I was afraid […]



Warren’s Stats

I wanted to post Warren’s stats from his 2 year doctor visit: Height:  32.5″  11% Weight:  28.2″  50.5% Head circumference:  49cm  81% More posts to come!



Water World

The kids were begging to go outside this morning.  It was starting to warm up quickly.  I decided to pull out the sprinkler.  Laura loved it.  I was a bit surprised that she would.  She didn’t like it at all last year.  Warren didn’t like it at all.  I think it was a combination of […]



Another Good Day

Today was another good day for me.  Warren had a follow-up appointment with the ped. urologist.  Robert just took the day off so he could be at the appointment and have a day with us.  The appointment went well.  The cream worked, but the foreskin is still a bit tight.  We aren’t going to continue […]




I have been away much longer than I intended.  Between work, Dance Theatre, and trying to stay sane, the blog became neglected.  Last week I worked 5 days.  I saw the kids between 5:30 (or whenever they woke up) and 7:15 Tuesday through Friday.  The rest of the day was spent in River Falls.  It […]