Great Day

Today has been a great day.  I was able to wake up this morning on my own, meaning no alarm clock.  When I came upstairs, the kids were both up and happy.  I got them each what they wanted for breakfast.  Warren made my coffee for me.  We sat together and watched cartoons for a […]



School Starting

I am struggling more than I thought I would with my baby girl starting kindergarten this year.  4K was no big deal to me, but this year seems bigger somehow.  Perhaps it is because it is a full day now.  She’ll be with all the other big kids.  She’ll truly be starting her school career.  […]



Barely Staying Afloat

I feel like I am just barely staying afloat right now.  Work is starting to get very busy/stressful.  Today I dealt with a very difficult student.  In fact, I was shaking after I was finished with him.  In addition to this, I have a lot of professors that are turning late orders, so now I […]



Full Weekend

We’ve had a full weekend.  Laura’s been fighting a low grade fever for a couple of days.  There have been 5 confirmed cases of strep at daycare.  Saturday morning she woke up with a sore throat.  I didn’t want to mess around and wait so I took her in to the doctor.  Her 9:30 appointment […]



Adventures in the hospital

It all started on Friday. Laura was scheduled to get her tubes in. That went ok. Then she was nauseous all Friday. We chalked it up to the anesthesia. She was able to eat a decent dinner Friday night. Saturday morning at 4 am she woke up and puked in her bed. I was up […]




I ended up putting my blog on a hiatus while I was getting through book issue.  I’m sure that it would have helped to be able to type out my frustrations at the end of the day; however, I was either too tired or too worried about what I may post and get in trouble […]



From the mouths of babes

A while back, I told Laura that I did not wear shoes when I got married.  Instead, I just went barefoot.  Tonight in the car on the way to Hudson, she brought this up again.  She then elaborated on it.  “Mommy, you need to get white shoes to match your dress.  Then you need to […]



Water World

The kids were begging to go outside this morning.  It was starting to warm up quickly.  I decided to pull out the sprinkler.  Laura loved it.  I was a bit surprised that she would.  She didn’t like it at all last year.  Warren didn’t like it at all.  I think it was a combination of […]



The Party’s Over

If Laura had her way, she’d still be celebrating her birthday.  She had a blast, minus the minor fall.  The poor girl has my grace.  For birthdays 1, 2, and 4, she has fallen and gotten serious bumps.  Her first birthday she fell off the bed onto the concrete floor in the basement.  Her second […]



Birthday Party!

We are having Laura’s 4th birthday party today.  It’ll be a good size crowd, but there aren’t many other kids coming.  Caitlin and Ryan will come with Owen.  Joe will bring Johanna.  I debated inviting one of her friends from daycare, but I decided that we’ll hold off for one more year.  She hasn’t been […]