Barely Staying Afloat

I feel like I am just barely staying afloat right now.  Work is starting to get very busy/stressful.  Today I dealt with a very difficult student.  In fact, I was shaking after I was finished with him.  In addition to this, I have a lot of professors that are turning late orders, so now I am under pressure to get books ordered, here, and processed.  I am a bit worried that everything won’t be ready for book issue.  I am going to be putting in some overtime soon to make sure we are ready.

In addition to work stress, home is a bit stressful as well.  I feel like Robert and I are finally getting on track to having the house picked out at most times.  We are making a huge effort to clean up a little each night so that we aren’t embarrassed by the state of the house.  So while that source of stress is dwindling, we are dealing with illness.  I feel like the only time I post is when the kids are sick.  This time I am a bit more worried.  I am hearing so many different things, I don’t know what I should be thinking.  It is likely that Laura has contracted pertussis somehow.  Yes, she is vaccinated, but that doesn’t seem to matter.  She had the test done today, and results are due back in about 3 days.  The doctors told us 2-4 days and the county health nurse says 3-5 days.  So who knows really.  Until the results come in, Laura was put on zithromax to start fighting it.  She is quarantined until we have the results.  If it is positive, then we have to do 2 more days of quarantine.  I decided to call the clinic back to get all 4 of us on antibiotics now so we don’t pass it back and forth.  So that is where that all stands.  Robert is home with Laura today, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I’ll be home with her on Friday.  At this point, I just want answers for what is going on.

Time for me to go to bed since tomorrow promises to be another big day at work.

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