Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I can’t believe that the last post I made was in November.  I know that it had been a while, but I didn’t think it had been that long!  Thanksgiving was enjoyable.  Christmas was nice too.  New Year’s was spent at Mom and Dad’s again for the family Christmas.  We made the trek to Iowa with the kids for the extended family Christmases as well.  They did very well.  Following Christmas was J-Term/Spring book issue.  Overall, it went well.  There were/are a few bumps in the road, but nothing that I can’t handle.  I’m super woman, right?  I can do it all!

Truth be told, work isn’t always so great.  I’m having some difficulties with some employees.  I feel like there is a bit of unrest still, even though we’ve talked.  I’m not sure how to handle it.

Home life is going well.  Laura is enjoying school.  She has a new teacher now.  Details weren’t given, but her original teacher is no longer there.  The new teacher is already doing more activities with the kids it seems.  We’ll see how it continues to go.

Both kids got tubes in their ears this winter.  It seems to have made a big difference!  Neither one has had an ear infection yet.  *knocks on wood*

Warren is talking up a storm anymore.  There are times that he is alone (Laura has gone somewhere else) and he just won’t stop talking!  I don’t always understand him, but he is making improvements.  *happy dance*

Robert and I have completed Financial Peace University.  Having the tools we need seems to be making a difference is how we view/handle our money.  I strongly urge people to take the course.  Yes it costs money to take, but it is a lifetime membership that will more than pay for itself if you follow the program.

Time to get going on dinner and getting kids in bed.  Hopefully it won’t be 3 months before you hear from me again.

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  1. Kelley Says:

    Glad things are going well!! I like your updates. =)

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