Not Dead

I’m not dead.  I just haven’t had the time/ambition/motivation to post much lately.  I need to write tonight to get things out of my head.  I should be in a great mood.  I had a day out with my two best friends.  We did a beginner’s pole dancing class together.  I loved it and had […]



Empty Mind?

I’ve been searching for some inspiration for tonight’s post.  There are MANY writing challenges out there.  I just didn’t strike a chord with any of the topics suggested tonight.  I think I just need to let my fingers go and see what comes out. Today was a good day at work for me.  We had […]



Where did my weekend go?

I’m quickly running out of day, and I realized that I haven’t posted for today yet.  We went to the 8am church service this morning.  Sunday school was Recitation Sunday, where the kids recite their memory work.  Laura did a great job, of course.  :)  Once home, we did lunch.  Robert got the lawn mower […]




Book return is done at work.  46 hours in this week.  The paycheck will be nice.  :)  This week I am working only one day (Monday).  Wednesday morning we take off to go visit Mom & Dad.  Laura will probably spend a lot of time with Kyla, the neighbor girl.  I’m glad that there is […]



Still kickin’

I’m still kickin’.  Some days are better than others for me.  This past week has been a blur.  Thursday morning we stopped at the chiropractor to get both kids adjusted.  It seems to be making a difference for both of them.  After the adjustments we were on the road to Milwaukee with a stop in […]



The Post without a Title

I was feeling pretty good yesterday.  Today is the opposite.  This afternoon my ears and throat started hurting.  As I type, it hurts to swallow.  Coughing also hurts.  I may take my special cough syrup tonight.  Part of me is wondering if I haven’t picked up strep somewhere. It was really challenging tonight.  Robert and […]



Feeling Good

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal post, or a post at all, so I thought I’d take a minute to clear my mind.  And by clear my mind, I mean have it throw up on here, random thoughts and all. I am feeling really good lately.  I feel good mood wise.  I […]



Needing More?

As I sit here on the floor, I am wondering if I need more to my life.  Laura is working on potty training this week.  She is doing really well with it.  Yesterday she only had one big accident.  So far this morning she has yet to actually pee on the potty.  This is good […]



In over my head

I feel like I have just done a leap from the high dive and am plummeting down into the deep water and can’t seem to go up and get a breath of air. Vegas was a blast.  It felt so good to get away for a few days with my two best friends.  It was […]



Married vs Single

No, I am not considering the single life.  I just got to thinking, that Mandy and Jess never really got to see me through most of my singleness and most of dating.  The three of us really got close during Blocks, which were junior and senior years of college.  Robert and I hooked up during […]