Ok, so no need to freak out that I’m finally posting again. Just have a few minutes before class starts. I’m in a funk right now. I’m not sad, but not happy either. Just really blah. I wish I knew why. I wonder if part of it isn’t because of the way lunch went. I […]



Awesome day yesterday

So yesterday was just an awesome day. It didn’t start wonderfully, but it ended great. As I was walking to work in the morning, I somehow managed to lose my glasses. I had put them in my coat pocket so they wouldn’t get fogged up. I returned to work at 8:30 (should have started at […]



So I figure it can’t hurt me to do a quick update. I’m really tired and should go to bed. I’ve come to the conclusion that this semester is going to go lots better than last. Block I is going to be tough and challenge me. However, my profs aren’t going to shove me out […]