Great Weekend

I’d say that this was a great weekend.  I worked all day on Friday.  That night I went out with Pauline, Tashia, Tracey, Starr, and Barb (all from church) to celebrate Tashia getting her RN license.  Yippee!  We went to Las Margaritas in Woodbury.  Our dinner started out rocky with a long wait for a […]



Tough Conversations

Tonight was the start of the tough conversations with Laura.  Robert and I have decided that Laura will learn the word vulva for her girl parts.  This is the term for the entire area.  Well, apparently she has been paying attention to us.  While driving around this morning she proudly announced to me that she […]



Still kickin’

I’m still kickin’.  Some days are better than others for me.  This past week has been a blur.  Thursday morning we stopped at the chiropractor to get both kids adjusted.  It seems to be making a difference for both of them.  After the adjustments we were on the road to Milwaukee with a stop in […]



What day is it?

I feel like I am asking myself “What day is it?” constantly this weekend.  Yesterday wasn’t quite a typical Saturday, but it wasn’t bad.  I would have liked to have taken a nap at one point, but that didn’t happen.  Today I feel so messed up.  Robert is working.  We didn’t go to church or […]



18 Month Appointment

We took Warren to his 18 month appointment on Tuesday the 8th.  He weighs 26 pounds (50%), is 32″ long (36%), and has a head circumference of 48.7cm (73.5%).  So far he has been in the 50 or lower percentile for his length/height.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up being tall later in […]




I didn’t mean to leave this neglected so long.  I was home Thursday with both kids.  I made it a day to just sit and relax as much as I could while still taking care of two small children.  I worked on Friday while Robert stayed home with the kids (he took a furlough day).  […]



Laura Update

So things with Laura have settled down finally.  We never did make it in to the doctor on Wednesday.  She woke up completely fever free.  I decided that since she was feeling fine, I would go to work and she’d go to daycare.  Around 11, Helen emailed me that Laura was starting to run a […]



One Worried Momma

All month long both kids have been fighting ear infections and junk.  Most recently, Laura’s have started to act up.  I thought at first that she was just saying her ears hurt because Warren has been getting so much attention for his.  When he is teething, she will say her teeth hurt too.  I have […]