Today I finished my second year of college. I am done working and all moved out of the dorms. It is sort of sad to think that I won’t be living in them ever again, and yet it is happy. Sure, they aren’t the best living situations, but I have some fond memories of my […]



Last week!

This is the last week of classes. I have a final tomorrow morning at 9:30 that I have yet to study for. I could skip my 12:30 class since I don’t have to take the final since I wrote a paper to make up for it. I’ll probably go anyways just because it is a […]



One more day down

Today wasn’t anything special really. I went to my 8:00 math class. It was pretty boring. We were relearning the Pythagorean Theorem. Between 9 and 10, I spent time in Robert’s office chatting with him. French was ok. We went over the article that was homework. I actually read it this time, so I was […]



Work, Work, Work

This has been a fun weekend, until about 11:00 last night. Liz and I went to Robert’s at 11:00 in the morning. The three of us went shopping trying to find Robert some flowers and plants for his yard. We got back to his house about 2:00. While he mowed the lawn and chatted with […]



Long update

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve written. Lots has happened in my life, and yet not much has. I think back to when I last wrote, and not much is sticking out in my mind other than what has been happening in my personal life. Classes are about the same. I only have […]