Progress made…

Progress has been made. Progress #1 I have made the commitment to join a gym.  I am now a member at The Centre in New Richmond.  So far I have gone 4 times since joining less than one week ago.  I am enjoying trying out different classes and different equipment. Progress #2 As a result […]



My “Day Off”

Granted, most people would see today as my day off.  I see it as my day to get things done.  I still have to care for my two kids and get things done around the house.  Here was my day: 7:30 called Mom to talk for a little bit 8:45 start packing car full of […]



A Child’s Attitude

I was thinking yesterday morning about how great Laura’s attitude with life is.  She wakes up happy most mornings.  If she isn’t happy right away, she either needs time to wake up yet or is sick.  Like I said in my previous entry, she has a memory of an elephant.  However, she seems to remember […]



What’s on my mind?

I feel like I should post.  About what?  I don’t know yet.  I have today off.  I am hoping to get a lot more work done in the basement.  I think my best bet will be during nap time.  I promised Laura that we’d go to the park today, so I think that’ll happen this […]




Progress has been made on the basement.  As soon as I box up the clothes I am keeping, photo/log the clothes that are being donated, I can say that the south half of the basement is organized and just about cleaned out.  We will still have the bed in there for a bit.  We have […]



Do I love my job?

I’ve been reading/watching Nicholas Sparks on Twitter.  One thing he mentioned was that he is frequently asked if he loves writing.  Surprisingly, he said no.  He said it was one of the most challenging things he has done.  I’m sure he likes it or he wouldn’t have 16 published novels by now.  This got me […]