Is it over yet?

Today, ok maybe yesterday by now, was really long. I was up at 7:35 for my 8:00 class. I was most of the way to class when I saw Jess leaving North Hall. She told me Dr. Ernie wasn’t there so I went back to the room. I finally got a hold of my contact […]



Another Tuesday down

This was a very long Tuesday. I don’t know if it’s because it started early or if it is because I might be getting sick. My head/sinuses have been pounding all night. I sure hope that I am not getting the junk flutterbyefred had. Today was fun. I went to my 9:30 class. We were […]



Smooth Legs!! :D

Ok, so as you can tell I’m in a really weird mood. Things in my life are starting to calm down. It seems the big topic around work is this dumb war. Just for confirmation, I don’t support the war, however, I do support our troops. I got into work last night and the first […]



Late evening/early morning post

Ok, so the only reason I’m posting is to finish up the cd I’m currently listening to. This weekend went way too fast. Yesterday I was able to get my car back. This morning I got up around 9:30. I putzed on the computer for a little bit. I also finished my French grammar homework. […]




I made it to Friday! I’m so glad the week is over. I am hoping to get some homework done this weekend. I need to write my Eyes on the Prize paper and my French movie summary. I am hoping to get a little more homework done as well, but we’ll see what all happens. […]



Happiness with a couch!

Today was another good day. I went to my Math lab and had Robert take over my computer for a few minutes. TED 255 was pretty boring. We shared our Illustrator projects that were due today. I finished mine at 11:30 last night. I joined Liz and Robert for lunch in Freddy’s. While I went […]




Yeah, I’ve been a little inconsistent with posting this past week. I haven’t been feeling well, went home over the weekend, and am bogged down with homework. But hey, I’m a college student, how else would my life be? Tomorrow night I get to write a 3-5 page paper on Lois Ehlert (an illustrator) and […]



Maybe getting sick?

This is going to be a short post. I haven’t felt well all day, and I’m getting really tired. Today was really long. I had a math test at 8 am, skipped French at 10, then did lunch at noon with Liz, then took a quiz in multi-cult. I had to work tonight which wasn’t […]



Another day done

This is going to be a short one. Today wasn’t too bad. I stopped to see Robert this morning. I won’t see him again until next week sometime, most likely Monday. Classes went pretty good. I am enjoying them this semester more than I did last. Now they actually apply to my life. I need […]



Another night done

I am getting overwhelmed so easily right now. I am thinking about how much I have to do in just a few days. I am at the point of taking it all hour by hour. I think flutterbyefred and I might go shopping a little bit. We just need a night out. John’s deployment has […]