Photos Attempt

I’m going to attempt to upload some pictures that I took of Laura’s artwork.  I’m hoping that I did it right!




I spent most of this afternoon going through the pictures that are on my computer.  I needed to figure out what is on the server, what needs to be edited, and what needs to be uploaded to Gallery.  Well, the last part didn’t happen today.  I’m hoping to find time tomorrow to do that.  As […]



Things Learned

Things I have learned today: Be careful of how long to cook hamburger soup in the crock pot.  It tasted a bit overdone tonight. Pioneer Woman’s buttered rosemary rolls are good… except I did salt and garlic instead of rosemary and salt. Even if I think the meal is a hit in my opinion, there […]



Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a bit trying for me. It all started Friday morning really. It was my last morning coffee with the girls from church. Warren still wasn’t feeling 100% so he stayed close by. I was home by 10 since we had a repair man coming for the dryer. It was making a […]



Family Dinners

Growing up dinner time (we called it supper) was a great time for our family. It was about us all coming together at the end of the day and sharing about our day. It was also a safe zone. We could openly discuss pretty much anything and feel safe about it. We were hardly disciplined […]



What is said vs what is heard

Why is it that when I hear, “I was downstairs doing x, y, or z, but then I heard you needed me upstairs,” that I hear, “I was trying to help downstairs but then you needed me upstairs since you can’t handle taking care of the kids on your own. Now it is your fault […]




I have just finished watching Sex and the City.  The entire series.  At one point towards the end, one character Samantha gets breast cancer.  It is caught early on and everyone in the show believes that Samantha will be fine.  At one point, Samantha and Carrie (one of her best friends) are sitting together talking.  […]




Have you ever felt like a relationship you are in is in a rut?  That things just aren’t as exciting as they used to be?  When relationships first start out, it seems that there is so much excitement and wonder.  You are getting to know the person, they are getting to know you, and you […]




I was able to get some closure today.  It was Bennet’s funeral this morning.  Ever since we arrived last night, the Rust family has accepted us in.  While we are family, we are the great nephew with the wife who married into the family.  Not all families would be so welcoming to the extended family […]



Quick Post

I am tired and had a long day, but I wanted to make a post yet tonight.  We are currently in Estherville for Robert’s great uncle’s funeral.  We both left work early, picked up the kids, ate a quick lunch at home, packed even quicker, then hit the road at 1:30 this afternoon.  We made […]