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At 8:00 pm, the livingroom is all painted. I am exhausted. The only thing left to do, which will most likely happen Monday, is to put the furniture back where it belongs. My entire body is sore, my mind has shut off, and I can’t seem to get up and move. I’m glad it is […]



3 coats of primer later, we are ready to go to the store and buy the paint. The livingroom looks so good! Once it is all done, I’ll post some during and after pictures. I’ll see if I can find a few before ones too.



Just a short update. Yesterday I ate myself silly. Today we filled in the grooves in the paneling with spackle. We have the first coat of primer on. I’m debating if a second coat would be a good idea. Tomorrow we go and get the color we are putting on the walls, which is a […]



Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m up early on a morning that I could have just slept in/through, so I figure I’ll do a short update. I am currently waiting to hear about a job possibility. It is a 6th grade language arts teacher for the rest of the year, starting Dec. 5. I submitted my app the 18th. Hopefully […]