Another baby update

Wednesday– I stayed on my left side all day. I was having contractions all day, but nothing regular or strong. Wednesday night we got the car seat installed, the hospital bag packed, and everything loaded into the car so we are ready whenever. After going to bed, Robert woke up sick. He believes it is […]



baby update

I went to my 37 week check up tonight. Things started out well. My weight jumped a little bit, but I wasn’t too worried. My blood pressure was higher than usual tonight. This was a slight concern. Then I mentioned how swollen I have been. This all added up to me getting labs drawn and […]



Thoughts on becoming a mother



Today was the first day that anyone has made a comment about me being pregnant without them being told that I was (if that makes any sense). One of the ladies came up to me after church this morning saying how great I looked and asked when I was due. This is a lady that […]



Micellaneous Pregnancy Stuff

I have taken all of my pre-pregnancy clothes out of my closet and hung up all of my maternity clothes. There are A LOT of empty hangers right now. Also, why didn’t anyone tell me to save myself headaches and buy the maternity jeans with a drawstring in them?? I wore a pair today with […]



Long week already

I give any woman who is pregnant and works full time so much credit. I have only worked one 8 hour day this week and already I am exhausted. I had planned on napping this afternoon after work, but things seemed to be a higher priority and I wasn’t super tired then. Instead I cooked […]



Pregnant Ramblings…

Someone recently asked me how it was being pregnant. I couldn’t give just a short answer… I rambled. The following is the response I gave. To the person who asked, sorry that you are seeing this twice. I am actually enjoying being pregnant. I have gotten off pretty easy with no morning sickness, no nausea, […]




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Just a quick update… We have come up with a name to refer to this baby as before he or she gets here. The new name is Thumper. There is a story there. Second, for those of you not reading Robert’s journal, we have a baby page created. Baby Page here.



Quick Update

Today Robert and I went for our first ultrasound. It was amazing to see this little person moving around inside me. We heard the heartbeat for a short period of time. It was great. For the rest of the afternoon I’ve had goofy looking grin on my face. Once Robert gets home, I’ll post the […]