Life in Fast-Forward

Life seems to be moving in fast forward right now.  In the time span of just over a week, Warren learned to sleep through the night (sorta, but more on that later), eat solids, crawl, popped through tooth #5, stand totally on his own for a few seconds at a time, and drinks 6-8 oz at a time (before it was 4-6).  It amazes me how fast he is growing.  Today I ended up putting the coffee table on its side and blocking the hallway.  He was always cruising down there, and I was afraid that he would pull the DVDs off the racks at the end of the hall.

As for the sleeping through the night, it depends on the night.  Sometimes he can go all night.  Other nights are like last night and he is up a bit.  I think part of the wakings now is that he doesn’t feel good.  I keep thinking he has ear infection or something, but every time we check his ears, they are clear.  I am also thinking it is teething.  I can see that at least one tooth is close to popping through.

My meat & potatoes husband surprised me this week.  We were looking through the Kraft Food & Family magazine that recently came in the mail.  He started suggesting salads for dinner!  Granted, there is generally meat in them (this one had bacon), but it surprised me.  We tried a new meal tonight.  We made grilled bbq chicken, and then sliced it up.  We put it on a toasted baguette (or French bread) with mayo (Miracle Whip for us), sliced red onions, and pepper jack cheese (we used shredded mozzarella).  Put the sandwich open-faced under the broiler to melt the cheese, then put the top on.  It turned out really good.  I’m looking forward to having another for lunch tomorrow.

Since I can’t talk about only one of the kids, I will give a short Laura update as well.  She is still totally obsessed with Dora.  Her birthday party this year is going to be Dora themed.  We found a Dora candle for her cake while getting groceries last night.  She saw it and had to hold it all the way home.  She kept wanting us to open it, but I told her she had to wait until her birthday party.  Thankfully she did put it down at one point and forgot about it, so now it is hiding in the hall closet.  I have picked up invitations, plates, napkins, and cups all Dora, of course.  I keep asking what Laura wants for her birthday.  She keeps telling me wants balloons.  That is easy.  :)  Time to wrap this up and get to bed.  Last night wasn’t so good, and I’m hoping tonight will go much better.

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