I knew today wasn’t going to be a good day. I had to drop my car off this morning to get inspected since a big piece of steel decided to lay in the road way and my car couldn’t avoid it. Got to school on time, but then realized that I had forgotten my homework. Luckily, I had it saved on my flashdrive, which I did have with me. One of my classmates was nice enough to let me use some of her paper to reprint it. Then during my lunch break, I found out that it will be $202 to fix my car. Yick! Lunch was nice. Karla took Robert and I out to celebrate the engagement. I made it through the afternoon fairly well. When class was over, I realized that my water bottle decided it didn’t want to be shut, and therefore dumped water all over my backpack. My math book (which I was planning on buying) has extensive water damage, my portfolio is ruined. I have to recopy most of it. My folder which had all the placement information is all wet. Just not a good day. Robert said that he will take me out for chocolate tonight. I need it. I also will be doing some homework. Not sure how much I’ll feel like doing tomorrow night. That’s all for now. Write more later.

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