The good, the bad, and the ugly

I feel bad. Last night I wasn’t feeling 100% and I was supposed to sub today so I went to bed at 9:30. I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep after 10:00 (not what I had in mind). Then this morning, Robert got up early (5:30). I heard him get up, then fell back asleep. No problem there. Then 15 minutes later he comes back into the room. He turns on a light so he can see to get dressed (I guess he showered). Then he goes out to the kitchen and it sounds like he is slamming shut every cupboard door he opens. I know that he wasn’t trying to be loud and wake me up/keep me awake. But when he came in and kissed me good bye, I snapped at him. I feel bad.

Good thing though. I really didn’t feel like going to school and teaching today. I would rather be at TBS again working and helping out there. I get a phone call from the school secretary at 6:20 and it turns out she doesn’t need me today. I thought that was great! Now I am debating between going and making some money or staying home and cleaning all day. I am leaning towards going to work. I know we need the money, and we can quickly clean tonight when we get home.

One ugly thing. I got up this morning and on the kitchen floor it looked like one of the cats hacked up a hair ball. A literal one. It looks like she was eating the hair out of the bath tub (from the hair catcher). Fortunately that cleaned up easily. Still ugly though.

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