Long time no post

Sorry folks that it’s been so long since you’ve gotten a post from me. Things in my life have been slightly hectic. I have a lot of homework for some of my classes and work Thursday through Sunday at two jobs. Textbook services is Thursday 1-4 and Friday 10-4. Papa Murphy’s is typically 9-2 Saturdays and 4-close on Sundays. I try to have most of my homework caught up by Friday so I can enjoy my weekend. That really didn’t happen last weekend, but I have no choice this weekend. Luke is coming over Friday and staying til Sunday for the Blast concert. I’m spending Thursday and Saturday nights at Robert’s. I want to be able to enjoy the entire weekend. Plus I know I won’t do any studying if people are around. I’ve found I do best when no one is around. I guess it’s just less distractions. I can talk to people on IM, but I can’t have them in the apartment. Which actually works pretty well the way Liz and my schedules work out. We don’t normally see each other until around 8 pm if that early some nights.

Things in the rest of my life are going really well. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. :) This week we figured out where we’ll be when for the holiday season. Pretty sad I know, but when he has to schedule vacation, it has to be done. If you want to know where I’ll be, just ask. At the end of this month (23-26) he is taking me up to Canada to meet his friend Danni. I’m excited for it. The only problem is I have to find a time to party with Liz for my 3 year remission. I’m sure I can party a little bit in Canada, but I would like to do something with Liz as well. I’m sure she and I can figure something out. We never have a problem with having fun.

But I need to go take a bath before going to bed. Write more later.

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