Roller coaster of Emotions

This week my emotions have been played with a whole lot. I was happy for the first part of the week. Things were going well. Thursday morning I debated going to my math class, but I did. Unfortunately, during that class, John (brother) called my room to tell me that he was shipping out. He would leave either Thursday night or Friday morning. I got the message at 2 in the afternoon. Luckily, things worked out that I found out while in Robert’s office, and not alone in the room. I completely lost it. However, Robert was wonderful and just held me and somehow made things better. He was even able to get me to laugh and smile. Now that is amazing. Anyways, I had a hard time in my first two classes on Friday. I skipped Multicult because I just couldn’t deal with things anymore. Robert had the afternoon off so I went over to his house for a few hours. That made a huge difference in my mood. I was able to work on Friday night and have fun while doing it. While cleaning, Dave and I were talking about people leaving. He and Lisa got married a few weeks ago because she was supposed to ship out right away. However, they didn’t call her up then. She is now leaving this morning. It was nice to be able to talk about it a little bit with someone who has a loved one leaving also. Liz and Robert had DT rehearsal which got out early so they stopped to see me at work. :) We decided we would go out to Applebee’s once I was off work. The three of us had a good time there and just chilled. Once Liz and I got home, we did laundry. It was overdue for both of us. So we were up until 1:00 doing laundry…ugh. Poor Liz had to be in KFA by 8:00 yesterday morning. I did wake up when she left though, so we both were a little short on sleep that night. There was a big even on campus this weekend for high schoolers, so Mary needed people to come in to work on Saturday. I told her I would, so I worked 10-1. While I was at work, Mom called and left a message on the machine. John called her yesterday morning to tell her he hadn’t left yet. His group was bumped off the plane to make room for some MPs. I was excited when I heard this but also angry. I want the Army to stop messingwith my emotions. I know John is going to go over soon. Yesterday, I was to the point of accepting the fact that he was gone. Then I got the message. I’m trying to keep the mind set of he is gone, but I know I’m going to be a wreck again when I get the next phone call. Thankfully, my professors are all very understanding of this. This weekend Liz’s Aunt Linda is up here with her kids Miranda and Spencer. We met up with them at the Mall of America. We did a little shopping and then rides starting at 6. Liz and I had Spencer with us most of the time. It was a ton of fun because I haven’t done the rides there in a long time, and Liz and Spencer haven’t ever done them. I’m really glad Spencer decided he didn’t want to do the Mighty Axe. I don’t know how well I would handle that one. I did it once before, and that was enough for me. We stayed at the mall until 10ish. Liz and I got back to our room about 11:15, I think. We both just plopped down on the couch and almost passed out there. I was hungry so I ate a few crackers. The hard part was climbing up into bed. again, UGH. This morning I need to get a lot of homework done since I didn’t do any yesterday.
In other exciting news, Liz and I signed a lease for an apartment. It is close to campus, not too bad, we each get our own room, and the rent is in our range. We were going to share with Vanessa, but after doing some thinking, Liz and I decided against it. There were too many reservations and concerns already that we didn’t want a living situation where we were unhappy. We would rather pay higher rent than deal with that. But, I need to get started on homework before work tonight. Write more later.

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  1. rjrbytes Says:

    a rock
    I’m glad I was able to be there for you on Thursday when you needed me. I hope I can be there for you again when you find John has left these shores to answer his call of duty. Is it coincidence that you were listening to “I Am a Rock” when you posted? I don’t claim to be a rock, but I will do my best to be there for you if you need me.

  2. Liz Says:

    Re: a rock
    It was just a coincedence. I had just put on my playlist of Simon and Garfunkel, and it was the first song. Thank you for being there. I know you can’t always be as strong as a rock. We all have our times of weakness. I just hope that I can be there for you as well when you need me to.

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