Spring Break! :)

It’s finally here! I finished up my observation hours for Multi Cult. I am so glad I don’t have to drive in rush hour in the Cities everyday. It wasn’t awful today, but I was able to get off before I hit it too bad. Tomorrow Robert took the day off so he and I are going to do something together. We just don’t know yet. On Wednesday and Thursday, I have to write my paper. I have a few books, but I’m hoping to do a little more research. I can tell right now it won’t be a wonderful one, but we’ll see. Right now I have on one of the best movies of all time…The Princess Bride. :-D I’m going over to Robert’s tonight for food, so I’m just waiting until he is ready to go. He is in KFA right now working on sound stuff for Dance Theatre. Well, I’m going to go back to my movie. I just wanted to post to let everyone know I’m still alive up here. :) Write more later.

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