Not so tired

Okay, I was in bed at 11:30. Liz and I talked until 12. For some unknown reason, I have been up since 2. I was coughing so I took some cough syrup and drugs. However, I’m still wide awake. I don’t know why I can’t fall asleep. I’ve tried layingin different positions, thinking calm thoughts, trying not to think, but nothing has worked. I’m hoping that just getting a few thoughts out will help. The whole situation with my car is playing over and over in my head. I’m trying not to let it get to me too much. I think I’m going to go with Liz either Thursday or Friday afternoon to Woodbury to check out a possible cell phone through AT&T. It’s another expense, but it would be a piece of mind. From what I can tell, they have what I am looking for. Hopefully I can get the same plan that Liz has, which includes all of WI, and the Twin Cities. That really is all the coverage I need, at least for now. A lot of my thoughts have been about Robert tonight. I think it is because 1. he was awesome and came and helped me out, and 2. I am looking forward to spending Saturday with him and Paula. It is sounding like we might possibly do a museum on Saturday, but nothing is for certain yet. What’s even worse right now there isn’t a good movie on Channel 10. I thought I might lay on the couch and fall asleep watching that, but it isn’t even good. Right now, my body is tired, but my mind isn’t completely there yet. I’m wondering how tired I’m going to be in the morning, considering I have my 8 math lab, 9:30 Reading Guidance for Children class, then observe from 12-3 pretty much. Tomorrow night/tonight (Thurs) I should go to the library and get books for my research paper. Ugh. I don’t even want to think about that. Earlier tonight I drank a quart of Kool-Aid because I was so thirsty. I have to laugh because 1. I generally don’t like it, and 2. my tongue is still red from it. hehe Ok, easily amused when up at 3 am. I suppose I could get homework out, but I don’t want to wake up my mind even more. I think my mind has slowed down enough I can try to sleep again. I’m sure I’ll write more later. Hopefully this is goodnight until 7am.

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