A lazy evening

Ok, so tonight I didn’t do as much as I had wanted. I wanted to get the room vacuumed, but it didn’t happen. However, I did get my French homework done for tomorrow, my exceptional child take home quiz done which isn’t due until after spring break. I didn’t have to observe today or work tonight, so it was a nice break. Classes were like usual today. I need to figure out how to motivate myself to go to Reading Guidance for Children. Right now I just dread going anymore because the class is so boring. Hopefully Spring Break will make a difference. Tomorrow I have math at 8, French at 10, then observe during the afternoon. I’ll get back into town around 3:30, and work at 4:45. I called today about a new job. They are going to be sending me an application. If I get that job, I might keep working Wednesday and Fridays, but not Monday’s at Char’s. I’m hoping that I can get it. I would be working with people who have developmental disabilities. It won’t be an easy job, but it pays well and I think I might be good at it. Right now I have a lot to do over spring break, but I’m looking forward to not having to go to classes. I’ll observe all day on Monday, and then have the rest of the week to write my paper. I’m hoping to go to the library and get some books Thursday night. Right now my thoughts are going in 50 different directions, so my thoughts here probably seem really random. While I can still think somewhat, I’m going to climb into bed. Write more later.

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