Empty Minded

I struggled to even come up with a title for this post.  Work is work.  Things didn’t go quite how I would have liked this week.  Other things were successful though.  Overall I’d call it a good week.  Wednesday night Shirley and I went out to dinner with Jacky.  We got to the restaurant around 4:45.  We left the restaurant at 7:30.  We got into our cars at 9:00.  It was so good to just catch up.  Friday morning I was on my own for the drive in.  Helen closed for the day, so Robert stayed home with the kids.  I stopped at Kwik Trip to pick up donuts as a treat for the students.  Things are finally calming down, so I am enjoying the quiet at work.

I feel like Laura still hasn’t completely adjusted to me working full-time.  By the end of the week, she is very clingy and weepy.  Today she was not wanting to be very far from me.  By the time evening rolls around, I can hardly stand her because she is so clingy to me and weepy.

Today was a productive day.  I went through Laura’s pants and shirts to see what she had that fit and didn’t fit.  I have a large pile of clothes that I pulled out of her dresser.  She actually had a lot more left than I had expected.  We then went shopping.  :)  We picked up 4 pairs of pants for her (3 jeans, 1 knit), socks, and underwear.  She was so excited to get days of the week underwear, but I couldn’t find any.  She was happy with the ones we picked out though.  Warren got more socks.  Robert picked up a couple of shirts for work.  I found a pair of shoes that I liked for work in black and brown.  I also found a pair of tennis shoes I liked.  I ended up putting the tennis shoes back due to budget constraints.  I made the decision that work shoes were more important since I could wear those 5 days a week plus for church.

Warren has shocked me the last two nights.  He has willingly eaten green beans both nights.  Last night he picked out the hamburger and beans out of the hamburger soup.  Tonight I cooked up some green beans in the microwave for both kids.  They ate all of what I had prepared without any complaints.  I am so glad that he will at least eat some green veggies for me.

Time to pay attention to the Badger/Nebraska game.  Go Bucky!!

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