The Party’s Over

If Laura had her way, she’d still be celebrating her birthday.  She had a blast, minus the minor fall.  The poor girl has my grace.  For birthdays 1, 2, and 4, she has fallen and gotten serious bumps.  Her first birthday she fell off the bed onto the concrete floor in the basement.  Her second birthday she fell going out to the garage and scraped up her face on a box.  Last year she was highly supervised so she didn’t get injured.  This year, she was standing on a chair helping me cut up the fruit.  She held the bag while I cut and put it in.  She turned around for whatever reason.  She went off the edge and ended up landed on her head.  :(  She had a big goose egg.  Now it is just a slight bruise.  By the time the party started, she was feeling a little better.

Guests included:

  • Gwen
  • Caitlin
  • Ryan
  • Owen
  • Mandy
  • Joe
  • Johanna
  • Grandma Joni
  • Papa Scott
  • James

The weather was gorgeous so we were able to play outside for a while too.  Laura got several dresses, some Snap Dolls, and books among other items.  Her cake this year was an ice cream cake.  She wasn’t as crazy about it as I had hoped.  She loved that it had princesses, but it was a bit cold for her tastes.  Oh well.  Most people had left by 6:30.  Both kids slept VERY well that night.

Sunday morning we went to 8am church.  Afterward we came back and had egg bake.  While it was baking, Laura opened her presents from us.  We gave her a hula hoop, jump rope, Frisbee, toy boat and sprinkler, a ball for outside, and a shirt.  We need to take the shirt back and get a bigger size.  Tonight we are going to go shopping and get some accessories to go with her Snap Dolls.

Today has been a great day so far.  Laura had her 4 year check at the doctor.  She did well except for the 3 shots.  Her leg is still sore from the tetanus shot.  We were able to play outside for about 2 hours this morning.  I would have gone back out after naps were over, but Laura’s been complaining her leg hurts.  I figure laying low is good for now.  The house is still clean and picked up from the weekend.  I even have kept up with the dishes so it isn’t too bad.  During their nap time I watched two episodes of Bones and then read some of my book.  No stress at all really.

Time to get things pulled together for tonight.

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