Progress made…

Progress has been made.

Progress #1
I have made the commitment to join a gym.  I am now a member at The Centre in New Richmond.  So far I have gone 4 times since joining less than one week ago.  I am enjoying trying out different classes and different equipment.

Progress #2
As a result of joining the gym, I have broken through my plateau.  I am no longer in the 180s!  This is huge for me.  I can’t remember the last time I weighed this little.  I will have to look in my cancer binder to see if I was even this small while going through my treatments.

Progress #3
The basement is totally empty.  The last time it was this empty was when about 5 minutes before we moved in.  Ever since then we’ve always had piles of boxes.

Progress #4
We have studs up to finish off the walls on 2 of the walls.  I am so excited to take this step.  When we bought the house with the unfinished basement, I was so afraid that we would become one of those people that says that they are going to finish the basement, and yet it remains unfinished 10 or 15 years later.  It is now a reality that we will not become one of those people.  We also won’t let the basement just sit unfinished.  We will keep putting money away so we can continue to finish the trim work and the flooring.  Just knowing we are getting close is amazing.

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