Great Weekend

I’d say that this was a great weekend.  I worked all day on Friday.  That night I went out with Pauline, Tashia, Tracey, Starr, and Barb (all from church) to celebrate Tashia getting her RN license.  Yippee!  We went to Las Margaritas in Woodbury.  Our dinner started out rocky with a long wait for a table and then another long wait to order food.  However, it was a fun evening all around.  I may try the place again, just not on a Friday night.  I got home at 10:30 Friday night.  I helped Robert finish up the dishes when I got home, and then we crashed at 11.

Saturday was another full day of fun.  It started out wonderfully when Warren slept in until 6:45!  I got started on the day around 7.  I went to Mandy’s for our monthly Scrappy Day.  We did a bit of shopping in the morning.  I didn’t actually buy much.  I bought some more paper (which I need like another hole in my head, but that’s beside the point), embossing powder, and some letter stickers.  I figure that it says quite a bit about me when I purchase only those items after hitting 3 craft stores.  It also says I have quite the extensive collection of stuff!  Once we made it back to Mandy’s we ate lunch.  We finally got our scrap on around 1 (I had gotten there shortly after 9).  I made it through 4 great pages.  I am so happy with how they each turned out.  I won’t be doing any pages between now and the next scrappy day since my scrapbooking stuff is living at Mandy’s for a while.  We went back to Woodbury for an Olive Garden dinner.  When We pulled in, the place was packed.  We had the choice of waiting an hour for a table or 15 minutes if we ordered our food to go.  Not a tough decision!  Once back at Mandy’s (again), we watched the unrated version of The Hangover.  I enjoyed it.  It isn’t a movie Robert would like, but it was fun with Mandy.  I finally started my way home at 10:30 and made it home and in bed at 11.

When I came home Saturday night, Robert had the house very clean.  He had done the laundry, cleaned the bathroom (and floor), the kitchen floor, and the living room.  It was wonderful to come home to.  He even made the brownies for the Sunday School bake sale.  With doing all of this, he also managed to take care of 2 kids.  I have such a great husband.

Today was a long day.  Warren slept until about 6:15.  Robert got up with him.  I stayed in bed until shortly after 7.  We were a little bit late getting to Sunday school, but nothing terrible.  Church was a long service.  the 2nd-7th graders started out with two songs.  Then there was a baptism.  Following the baptism, the 3 year olds received their Bibles.  Laura calls it her Bible book.  :)  The entire church was packed for the special meeting being held at 11:30 (or whenever church was over).  Today we voted on if we should start disassociating with the ELCA.  The “bill” passed.  We are beginning the talks officially.  In 90 days we will have another vote on whether to disassociate from the ELCA.  A second “bill”/motion was passed that if the vote in 90 days is passed that we will join the LCMC.  We finally got in the car to come back home at 1:15.  The kids did very well, but they were tired.  Warren had about a 30-45 minute nap on me during the church service.

Once we were back home, Laura went down for her nap right away.  Warren decided to wait until about 3:30 for his nap.  The little stinker.  Not surprisingly, they both took really good naps today.  I watched some of my recorded tv to catch up.

This week is going to be a bit crazy.  Tomorrow Robert and I are both working.  Helen isn’t available so Robert’s cousin Roxie is coming to watch the kids for us (SCC doesn’t have school).  Tuesday Robert is working a half day from home, but will be home all day.  I am working since Jacky will be taking care of her mom both Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday we both work again and the kids will go to Helen’s.  Thursday will be my day off, so I’ll be home with the kids while Robert works.  Friday I am working, and Robert is taking a furlough day (his last one!), so he’s home with the kids.  Talk about a bit of a crazy and messed up week.

Time to brush teeth and get ready for bed.  I hope to post tomorrow or sometime this week my thoughts about the church again.

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