Dentist Freak Out

This morning was Laura’s dentist appointment.  I had hoped she’d go back on her own, but that wasn’t going to happen.  It took a bit to even get her to sit in the chair.  As soon as the chair moved up, she started freaking out.  It only went down hill.  We didn’t get her teeth cleaned.  We were barely able to get he dentist to look at her mouth.  We’ll try again in 6 months.  I am thinking that Laura will watch Robert get his teeth cleaned, so she’ll get an idea of what to expect.  It happens that they both have appointments the same day, with Robert at 8am and Laura at 9am.

My baby girl turns 3 in 4 days.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  3 years ago I was on bedrest and totally miserable.  I could only think about getting the baby out!  Now here I am preparing to celebrate her third birthday.  I am so torn.  I want to be able to give Laura so much.  I want her to have everything.  Yet I don’t want her to get everything and be totally spoiled and expect to get everything she wants.  It is such a hard place to be.  I am looking at all the accessories to get with a play set.  I want to get a wheel, telescope, swings, handles, and so much more for the kids to play on.  I am also encountering this with the other birthday presents.  I had so much fun shopping for her.  I wanted to just keep buying more and more.  I had a hard time restraining myself.  I ended up getting more than originally planned as it is.

I am really looking forward to this weekend.  Mom and Dad are getting here Friday night (after kids are in bed).  Saturday will be spent getting ready for the party.  The party is going to start at 3.  Hopefully the kids will have decent naps by then.  Before Saturday, I need to get the house cleaned up.  I am hoping I can work on it during the next few days so evenings won’t be spent cleaning.

Time to get lunch before one of the kiddos wakes up.

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