I have found myself thinking each Monday that it is a new week and things will go differently.  By Friday, I am a mess yet again.  It is just the cycle I am in I guess.  This past weekend went way too quickly.  Saturday I ran away to Mandy’s for our monthly scrapbooking day.  We haven’t actually scrapped for the last two months.  I was able to get 9 pages done in Warren’s album.  At this rate, I’ll actually be caught up for his first birthday, I think.  I am at Christmas 09 in his album, and Christmas 08 in Laura’s.  I have plenty of pictures to put in.  I just need to have the time.  I am having lots of fun with the albums.  I can see how much I am growing when I look back on pages.  Right now, the albums are for me.  For me to remember the times, the looks, the moments.  Eventually they will be for the kids.  I didn’t do the traditional baby books.  I didn’t write the first steps, first rolling over, first smile, etc.  I am recording the moments in pictures.  I don’t know if I’ll regret later on not recording all the firsts.  I know that it hasn’t really affected me not knowing when I did everything for the first time.

This evening was a bit hectic.  Once Robert got home, we went to Helen’s to pick up the playset accessories.  When Laura found out we were leaving the house, she immediately started saying “Not going to Helen’s.”  Well, we were.  She didn’t think much of it.  All the way there, she was adamant that we were not going to Helen’s.  It didn’t matter that I told her over and over that Mommy and Daddy would stay.  That we were just visiting.  Wouldn’t you know it, the little turkey didn’t want to leave then.  She kept crying that she wanted to stay and play.  Once we returned home, I got Laura some dinner while Robert filled the lawn mower with gas and did a pass in certain areas of the yard.  I also managed to get Warren to eat a little bit of solids before he had enough.  Once outside, there was no getting me back in, with the exception of emptying the bladder.  There is just something so therapeutic about mowing the lawn for me.  Tonight it was perfect weather for it too.  It was warm, but yet cool, and no wind.  I could just cruise and go.  This is my time to have to myself and my thoughts.  I guess I should have more time out there with my thoughts since that last sentence didn’t flow real well.

I am trying really hard to feed Laura better.  She gets lots of fruits.  I just need to get her to eat more veggies.  I also would like her to get better protein.  I know that fish sticks and chicken nuggets are not the best for her.  It is so hard for me to get her to eat real meats.  They are also very convenient.  For lunch she ate some of the leftover rotisserie chicken and rice.  For dinner tonight, I gave her some ham cubes and grapes.  She also ended up eating half of a peanut butter sandwich.  I didn’t put jelly on it since I was focusing on getting her protein.

I admit that I have a new addiction.  It is Sex and the City.  I loved both movies.  I am currently borrowing the seasons from Mandy.  I watched all of season 1 in 2 days.  Keeping in mind that it is NOT child friendly so I have only nap time to watch, that is pretty good.  It also helps that the episodes are roughly 23 minutes each.  I now have to wait to get season 2 from her.  I know what is going on my Christmas list this year though!

Well, it is after 10.  Laura has a dentist appointment tomorrow, and I am on my own with both of the kids for it.  Time to get to bed.  Hopefully I can update again tomorrow.

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