Why hello there!

I feel like is in fast forward again. Last week Tuesday and Wednesday were used to clean the house. Wednesday night we had our Bon Jovi concert. It was AWESOME! I would love to go again. I worked Thursday and Friday. Those were tough days due to lack of sleep (I think about 4 hours each night). I know that Saturday I napped. I also hung out with Jess Saturday evening. She had gotten word that she was being laid off since they didn’t have enough kids for her to teach 4K again next year at this point. There is also a lot of other drama going on, but that is the main point there. Sunday was a quiet day at home. We decided to skip church. Robert needed to work on the Dance Theatre DVD and the kids needed a day where their schedules weren’t messed up. I took Laura with me Sunday afternoon to get groceries. She was fun to have with. I miss having one-on-one time with her.

Last week had a few more firsts for Laura. She used watercolor paints for the first time ever. She had a blast with that and kept asking for more. Then Thursday at daycare she finger painted for the first time. Apparently she was a bit apprehensive about it at first because it made her fingers messy, but she got over it.

I can’t believe today is Wednesday already for this week. Monday I stayed home (daycare unavailable). I worked yesterday, but daycare is closed today due to Helen being sick. Tomorrow is still up in the air. I’ll get my projects done at work at some point. I think it’ll be nice to take a break from them. I’ve hit a road block and just can’t seem to move forward.

I can’t believe how fast time is going. Warren is now 8 months old. In just 2 months Laura will be 3. Time sure does fly. Laura can now sing the entire ABC song and not miss letters. She knew her letters, but not in order. Now she does. She will sit with a book that came with a CD (has the music and lyrics printed in it) and sing ABCs or Twinkle, Twinkle. She is so cute while doing it. Warren is so close to crawling. He will get up on hands and knees and rock. He will even lurch forward, but not move his hands so he falls. I know it is only a matter of time. Then I will be sitting back and watching as he torments his sister. She will have to get over some things, such as him playing with her toys. If she doesn’t want him to play with them, then she’ll have to put them away so he can’t reach them. I get great laughs when they are both on the floor near each other. He will reach out and grab whatever part of her he can reach. One day it was her legs. The other it was the sleeve of her shirt. She just sits there screaming, “Warren’s got me! He’s touching me!” But she won’t move to get away! Like I said, she will learn.

This morning I need to get out with both kids for a bit. I need to go to the credit union, and get more formula for Warren. I didn’t realize how low we were. I don’t know if he could have made it a full day at daycare with how much is in the can. So it’s a good thing that he isn’t there today. I would have felt awful if he would have run out. I also need to call and see if I left some of my cloth grocery bags at the store on Sunday. I only came home with 5 when I left with 8. Hopefully they didn’t give them away. They weren’t real expensive, but they are mine! It wouldn’t hurt to just clean up the kitchen floor again, run the vacuum over the carpet, and wipe down the bathroom either. It’s only been a week or less, so it shouldn’t take much. It’s when I let it go on and on that it gets bad and takes forever to clean up. I’ve been staying on top of the dishes much better. I also make a point of trying to clean off as much of the island as I can each night so it doesn’t get as cluttered. I’m getting better. As a friend reminded me, things do get easier as they get older. It won’t be long before they are playing together and I can clean easily.

Time to start the day!

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