Good Friday

Today is a big day of the Easter weekend.  It is the day that Jesus was hung on the cross.  I was driving past a church this morning, and I saw a sign that really struck me.  “Our sins put Jesus on the cross.  His love kept him there.”  It reminds me that no matter what, I have His love.  He gave up his life so I could have mine.  It’s really powerful to think about.  Today could be such a dark day in Christianity.  However, we know how things turn out.  It is only the beginning of the greatest weekend in Christianity.

This morning I was able to get the kids and myself ready for our usual Friday Morning Beverage Time.  I must not have gotten the memo though.  We were the only ones there.  The coffee shop was still open, but I was the only one of our group.  I hope that we’ll meet next week.  It is one of my few links to the outside world.

The weather has turned really nice.  I was able to have the kids outside yesterday afternoon for a while.  Laura got to fly her new ladybug kite.  Warren sat in the stroller or on a blanket in the grass.  It won’t be long before he is crusing all over on me.  I’m glad that we have the big yard so I have time to catch him before he hits the road.  We are out in the country, but people speed down the road.

Yesterday I made the decision that it is time for Warren to sleep through the night.  He had woken up 3 times the night before.  The first 2 times he drank only 3 oz.  So last night I decided that if he woke up, I would take him out of the room and cuddle him until he fell back asleep.  He woke up at 2:25.  I brought him out to the living room.  He screamed and kicked and fought sleep for 30 minutes.  He would start to calm down and start drifting off to sleep, then realize what was happening and start all over again.  He finally gave in once I stood up and swayed back and forth.  I am hoping to repeat again tonight and have it take even less time.  With Laura it took 2 nights.  I am hoping for the same with him.

Today is pretty quiet.  Robert came home from work early due to not feeling well.  Laura is currently napping, Warren is playing on the floor.  I’m sure that Robert will nap.  I will probably work on cleaning up the kitchen.  At least I can have the windows open before the rain comes.  Time to get to work.

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