So everything is now in the apartment. Not necessarily unpacked, but at least in here. Robert (rjrbytes) has his garage back now. The thought of completely unpacking is so overwhelming. I feel like I haven’t done anything but move for this past month. Luckily, most of it is done. I just have a few boxes of clothes and books to unpack. Not too horrible. Luke and Mary came over with Liz to help us move in. It was wonderful to have the extra help. Mary headed back Saturday afternoon, and Luke stayed until early Sunday morning. I didn’t see him leave because he left around 3 or 4 am. Saturday evening the four of us (Liz, Luke, Robert, and I) went up to Robert’s parent’s house for dinner and a movie. I was a little nervous about it because of the whole situation with Liz, Robert, and I, but things went really well. Everyone got along really well and we had a blast.

I am really happy for Liz and Luke. I don’t know if anyone can really know just how happy I am. I am glad that she has someone in her life, and now that I’m getting to know him more, I’m glad he has her. Also for some selfish reasons, it makes my life easier, but still. Now I don’t feel like I have to worry about talking about Robert and hurting her. We can both sit and talk about our men. ;) I can’t speak for Liz, but in my opinion, this was an awesome summer. I will always remember it.

Classes begin tomorrow morning at 8 am for some. My first class is at 1:25. My next one is from 4-6. The location for my 4-6 class was still TBA on the website so I had to call the HHP office to find out where in the world I was supposed to go. It’s a good thing I did. I have class at an elementary school. Liz and I are going to go to the 7:00 movie in town: Finding Nemo. It will be a fun girl’s night out. Thursday I have class from 8-12:40, work Textbook Services 1-6, then Robert is kidnapping me for the night. I’ll return to the apartment Friday morning. Friday I have no classes. I work 4-8 at Papa Murphy’s and when I get home, hopefully Luke will be here. Liz and I had originally planned on having a girls weekend, but after some things that have happened this week with Luke, we ordered him to get his @$$ here NOW!!!! So he is coming to join us. :) He felt really bad about interrupting our weekend, but he needs away right now, and he is always welcome here. Saturday I work again at PM from 4-8. Luke has to work Sunday morning in Green Bay, so he’ll leave very early Sunday morning again.

Living in my apartment has been a little bit of an adjustment for me. I am used to either a house or a dorm room. Some people in this building think that they are still in the dorms. They have their door open all the time and loud music playing. My thought is that this is an apartment building. I wouldn’t want people to be able to walk by and know exactly what I am doing inside. But that’s not me. The music just gets to me after a while.

Well, I don’t really have anything to do right now. I thought I was going to be at my orientation a little bit longer, but oh well. I’ll figure out something to do. I might go and watch some tv or a movie. Actually, I need to finish my brother’s letter. It’s been a week since I’ve started it. I really should finish and get it in the mail. I’ll write more later.

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  1. tinytom Says:

    Thank you
    Thank you Liz for all that you have said. I greatly appreciate your friendship and your honesty! You dont know how good it is for me to hear that.

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