3 Days Down

I have made it three days.  Yesterday/evening wasn’t bad.  I didn’t feel like cooking, so Laura had chicken nuggets and I had chicken patty sandwich.  Last night got to be a true challenge and test for me.  Warren was up 3 times.  The first was from 11-11;50, then 1-1:40, then 3-5 this morning.  By 4am I was crying and didn’t know what to do.  Warren just would not put himself to sleep, or stay asleep if he fell asleep in my arms.

This morning Warren had his 9 month appointment.  He is 21 lbs 11 oz with just a dry diaper on.  He is 30 inches long with a head 46cm around.  No shots today for him… YIPEE!  I also had a appointment for my ears.  They have been hurting a lot.  I thought my ear infection just didn’t clear up or was back again.  Turns out I have lots of ear wax that is impacted against my ear drum.  This is causing the irritation.  So I get to do ear drops to try and loosen it up now.  My right ear is totally plugged up and I can’t hear much out of it.  It is really annoying.  I hope things clear up soon.

I was talking to the doctor about how Warren isn’t eating much for solids and is getting up a lot to eat at night.  Essentially it comes down to picking a week or two that we decide we just aren’t going to get Warren up.  We let him cry himself to sleep.  We did this with Laura and it only took 2 days.  I don’t know how long it will take with Warren.  I am starting it tonight.  I am just past the point of being able to be up and down all the time.  Wish me luck!

I need to get bottles washed up and should eat some dinner.  Hopefully I can talk to Robert on the phone a little bit before going to bed.

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