Busy days!

Yesterday started on a crazy note and ended on one.  I got up at 7:15.  The original plan was to be out the door at 8:30 to go visit Meghan and Toby.  My kids had a different idea.  They both slept until 8 (Warren had gotten up at 4 to eat and then went back to bed).  It does not work to get two kids up, fed, dressed, and ready to go in 30 minutes.  We ended up leaving at 9:10.  I lost track of time while visiting and ended up leaving at 12:30.  Oops.  On the drive back to Hudson, Laura fell asleep for about 30 minutes tops.  We stopped in Hudson to pick up a couple items at Target.  I knew Laura wouldn’t nap when we got home, so I went ahead and headed to River Falls so I could get a flu shot.  I didn’t expect the 15 minute wait to go with it.  By the time we were done with that, it was 2:00.  Laura and I hadn’t had lunch yet.  So we headed to McD’s for a bite to eat.  Thankfully I had extra bottles and the can of formula with me for Warren.  Since we were in town, we stopped to see Robert at work.  We ended up getting home at 4:30.  Not at all what I had planned that morning.  Oh well.  Both kids were in bed at a decent time last night.  Warren went down around 9:10, Robert and I were in bed at 9:15.  He ended up sleeping until 6:40 this morning!  WHOO HOOO  I can certainly handle that!  Laura ended up sleeping until 8:20 this morning.

I was debating whether or not to go to play group today.  Laura had such a big day yesterday.  However, I was expecting us to discuss discipline some more, and we won’t be there next week.  It was the day for kids to wear their Halloween costumes.  So I got both kids ready to go.  They are both Tigger this year (same costume even).  I should have followed my gut instinct on this one.  Laura insisted on taking her blankie.  This is very rare for her.  She wouldn’t play on her own at all.  She was right beside me most of the time.  I was a mean mommy though and made her do the art project.  They had to dip their fist in paint to make pumpkins.  Laura didn’t want to get her hand dirty, but I made her do it anyway.  She got over it once we got her hand cleaned up.  I didn’t even try to keep her in the room while I went out for the parent ed. part.  I just went out and also got her a chair next to me.

We got home and I tried to get her to eat.  I heated up some leftovers last night but she wasn’t very interested.  I gave her some fruit cocktail, which she did ok with.  She went down for nap around noon and slept until 4.  Tonight she has been in a decent mood.  She didn’t eat as much dinner as I would have liked, but I am really trying to not make her something different.  She is old enough to eat what we eat.  It was lasagna and I cut hers up into small pieces.  She did like the noodles that had lots of cheese on them (go figure).  I remind myself that she will eat when she is hungry enough.  I need to break the habbit of so many sandwiches.

Tomorrow I am planning on being a quiet day at home.  Friday moring is the coffee meeting with the girls from church, so we really do need to be at home for one day.  Warren is wanting some attention so I need to wrap this up.  I just wanted to get some thoughts out and a post up.  I am enjoying having my own place to put down my thoughts.

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