Work Sucks

Work today was awful. On the way home, I had to fight back tears. I have always told myself that a job that makes you cry isn’t worth having. I guess it might be a sign to find a new job. I guess I should start at the beginning. I got there at 8:30. I was up front all alone. That usually isn’t a big deal. This week’s special is a family size Chicago. They suck to make because it takes at least 5 minutes to make one. I had to make 25 of them for tonight. I had 10 of them done by 10:00 when we opened. Then we started having people trickle in. It was hard to get any momentum going because one person would come in, I would finish their pizza, then someone else would come in. Caitlin and Roselle had to come up front to help me out. One of my other co-workiners wasn’t feeling good, so we called in one of the shift supervisors early. Of course the one that came in was the one that I don’t get along with at all! So the last two hours of work was a little tense. It seemed like I couldn’t do anything right with her around. Also, this morning, I felt like such an outsider at work. I realize that I took a lot of time off around Christmas. But family is priority for me. I don’t get to see them often, so when I have the chance, I take it. I usually can carry a conversation with Caitlin to help the time pass. Well, she and Roselle were busy chatting and I was totally left out. I just feel like I should find a different job. I was supposed to have a review done in December. The manual says a review and raise will be given after 90 days. I started Septemeber 2. I still have to have the review done. They say that I have a checklist to go through before the review is done. I have to take another look at it and find out what I have to learn yet. It’s just very frustrating. It doesn’t help that I’m taking off next weekend for Canada, and Valentine’s weekend for Aspen. But those are priority for me. I just don’t know what to do. I highly doubt I can find another job right now. It seems like no one is hiring. I’m smart enough to keep Papa Murhpy’s until I find something else though. Guess that mean suffering until an alternative is found :( But I’m going to quit rambling. That’s just a taste of how bad my day has gone.

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