Slowing Down, I hope…

My life seems like it never stops somedays. Ok, so that’s a good thing. Life stopping could be bad. It seems like I’m always moving or have to do something though. This week my big project was to read a book for environmental ed and to prepare a presentation on it. I finished reading last night, I have the handout made now, and after lunch I’ll figure out what I’m going to say. Nothing like a last minute preparation. The weekend was great going to Blast. However, it had the same feeling of never stopping. We slowed down a little on Sunday to watch the Packers, but then I had to work, which was really busy. We were supposed to be out around 8:15 or so, but we left at 9. Tonight I have class 4-6, then I have to run and get supplies for my art class to make my mask. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do it yet. Tomorrow I think I can actually slow down a little. I’m going to attack my room and get it all clean and picked up. I also want to clean the apartment a little bit. Friday I work 10-4 and then don’t have plans as of yet. Saturday morning I work 9-2 and then am heading up to Robert’s parents place. Sunday I’m hoping to be able to watch the Packers again, but then have to work 4-cl. I know I need the money and the work isn’t that bad…it’s just the constant on the go that gets to me. Now that I have the book read for environmenta ed, things should be a little bit easier. I still have to read the textbook, but that’s not that bad. I’m ignoring her in lecture because it does me no good. I’m going to go head for lunch now. I’ll try to write more tonight.

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