Archive for November, 2013

It’s been a few months … this blog’s been neglected a bit.  Many changes at work.  You might say “duh!  it’s IT!”, but it’s more than that.  An increased focus on time and resource management through use of proper project management tools.  We have a ways to go, but I’m reasonably confident we’re traveling in the right direction.  We’ve had a lot of staffing changes in the past few months … somewhat kicked off by the unexpected departure of my manager.  The next few months will be challenging, but new challenges are part of what I enjoy.

On a different front, one of my personal projects has been rebuilding the foundation for our church’s website which got hacked due to neglect.  I’d like to think the person who did it had a sense of humor, since he/she did link our mission statement to a Viagra ad, but sadly I doubt that’s the case.  We have a fair amount of content left to get moved into its new home, but there’s also some organizing to be done.

Another one of my projects has been punted again (perhaps indefinitely).  Last year I did some experimentation with virtualizing on my home server using Xen.  I ended up reverting to running on bare hardware due to problems with virtual disk volume corruption.  This time around I didn’t even get that far and had some PCI-passthrough issues with my TV tuner cards.  Maybe I’ll revisit it again some year, but I’ve decided that I have other areas that need more attention and would produce more benefit.

I’ll post about other life aspects soon, but I hear a bed calling my name.