Taught by Children

It is amazing what children can teach us.  No matter how bad of a day I have, the kids are so excited to see me the next morning.  Heck, even after nap time they are excited to see me again.  Sleep to them seems to be a reset button.  Whatever went wrong before is erased, but the good remains.  Wouldn’t it be great if as adults we could follow this?  Have a bad day?  Just try again tomorrow.  Sunday was a not so good day for all of us in the family.  The kids were at each other all day long, and Laura wasn’t listening real well.  I turned my frustration/anger on the house and got it clean.  Monday morning when the kids woke up, each of them saw me.  With genuine joy, they ran to me, “Mom!”  So nice to have them forgive and forget so easily.

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